Because every business – and every website – is different, we start from the ground up.
Whether it be through social media, pay-per-click or Search Engine Optimisation, our team will develop a strategy for you to maximise your marketing returns.


Content Marketing

It might sound like business jargon, but the idea of content marketing is a strong one rooted in concrete results.

Creating consistent, interesting and useful content is a great way of targeting and reaching your audience. Your service immediately becomes more valuable because you are establishing your knowledge and proving your expertise.

Not only can you use content marketing to prove to existing customers that you the best in the business, it's also a great way of bringing in new visitors and engaging them once they arrive at your website.

Like every business, every marketing strategy is different, and it's important to establish ground rules at the outset. How involved do you want to be? What is your level of experience and expertise? How can we work together to provide original, exciting content? These are all things we will focus on.

This is how The Ad Cloud content marketing campaign can help you:

Research: Every successful campaign begins with research, and content marketing strategies are no different. We'll work with you from the ground up to ensure you're happy with every stage of the process.

Creative experts: Our creative team are master content writers who can deftly create and weave sentences in a way that is at once readable and SEO friendly.

Reaching your audience: We have the experience, knowledge and contacts to get your content out to the people who need to see it, giving it the best possible visibility.

Feedback: We can generate reports and data to show you how effective the campaign has been. This includes specific website statistics and details on where your visitors are coming from, what they're looking at, and how long they're staying on the page.

  • Website Types

    The corporate world is so cluttered that it’s important to stand out. And research shows that web-browsers will judge the quality of your business bases on how good your website looks.
  • Technology

    At The Ad Cloud, we use only the very best in web design technology. Drawing upon the wealth of talent available in the Open Source community and using our skill and expertise to mould it to your specific needs.
  • Hosting

    If you do not want to deal with the stress of hosting your own website, then use our servers instead - and even have us maintain the site, if you don't want to.
  • Mobile

    Did you know that more than 8million people per day use the internet on smartphones in the UK? Let us help you tap into this rapidly expanding, lucrative market.
  • SEO

    We start with extensive research and constantly think content.
    Carefully analysing results and fine tuning our methodologies allow us to optimise your website specifically to what is profitable for you.
  • Local SEO

    When thinking about search engine optimisation, you have to factor location into the equation. Over 20% of searches have local relavancy, and Google is always looking to improve its local search results.
  • Pricing Schemes

    Through working closely with you, we will suggest a timeframe for your individual project. Every campaign is different, and naturally timeframes will change based upon your market and your needs.
  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing is the most direct form of internet marketing available. You reach customers directly – and unlike other ad channels, even if they do not respond immediately, the email is there in their inbox for later.
  • Landing Pages

    Why is it important to create a landing page for specific keywords? Because you have paid for their click and we need to do everything in our power to make sure we convert visting browsers into customers.
  • Call Tracking

    By pairing a specific telephone number with a group of keywords, and displaying that number on the landing page, we can track and collate data even when the business comes through the phone.
  • Display Advertising

    Display Advertising is where traditional marketing meets modern technology. Think of it like placing an advert in a newspaper - but when someone clicks on it, they are taken directly to your website.
  • Re-targeting

    You must have seen it before - you are browsing a website and an advert is shown that seems to know you and what you like to look for? That is something we call "Re-targeting", and it is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.
  • Media Buying

    Media Buying is the process of buying "media real estate" - placing ads at premium positions on websites to generate a good return on your investment at great value.
  • Designing your ads

    Adverts are like books - people judge them on appearances. Your advert needs to be high quality in order to generate clicks, and thus increase conversion rates.
  • Facebook

    Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world, and we can help you use it to increase traffic, spread brand awareness and improve sales.
  • Twitter

    Twitter is one of the 10 most popular websites in the world. It has been described as the SMS of the internet, where users post post text messages limited to just 140 characters.
  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a social networking site especially geared towards business. We can utilise its power to engage with customers, clients, peers and other businesses.

Get in touch.

If you would like to discuss an upcoming project or idea, or just have any general questions, then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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